Dirmann Technology Consultants

Blog Site is Live!


Great news! The blog site is officially live! My internal team and I are working on getting content here for everyone to view. This site is written by technical bodies for technical bodies, regardless of your skill level. Our goal is to inform and educate our readers, whether you’re just browsing around looking for an answer or opinion, or you’re one of our clients. As the owner of Dirmann Technology Consultants, I always encourage my team to continuously grow not only in their specific areas of focus, but in other topics that interest them. Another thing that I promote is to be engaged within the technical communities that they represent. This approach allows them to be both a student and a mentor to others at the same time. If any of our readers have any particular requests they wish for us to write about, feel free to e-mail us at socialmedia@dirmann.tech with your request.

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